Preserving the Heritage
“The Detroit”
An Original American Airlines Flagship 
The Flagship Detroit Foundation is dedicated to the preservation of the legacy of the DC-3.  The goal of the Foundation is to continue to maintain and operate the Flagship Detroit as a flying tribute to the airplane that made passenger travel a viable form of public transportation and to honor the airline employees, past and present, who have made air travel the safest form of transportation in the world. 
Support the Flagship Detroit Foundation !
Annual Membership in the Foundation is available for a tax-deductible donation of only 
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All members receive an opportunity to ride aboard the Flagship, 
a Certificate of Membership, Flagship Detroit
Newsletters and schedules of all Flagship Detroit events. 
Also, current members are invited to ride on the aircraft 
during positioning flights throughout the year.

Lifetime Membership are available for a donation of $1000
    Flagship Detroit Sponsorship Opportunities 
 BRONZE    [Donation of $500 to $2,500]
Bronze sponsors appreciate the challenge in preserving this landmark aircraft. Bronze Sponsorship is the  first step required for membership as an officer of the Foundation.  It  is a level above the basic membership which will allow the associate to become more personally involved with the mission of the Foundation, and a stepping stone for a higher level of sponsorship.
 SILVER        [Donation of $2500 to $4999]
Silver sponsors are members who desire to support the showcasing of the “Detroit” DC-3. Silver members may be invited to represent the Foundation at fly-in events and participate in organization leadership.
 GOLD         [Donation of $5000 to $9999]
The gold sponsorship recognizes the importance of sharing the experience from aviation's "golden" years. Includes 5 Foundation memberships for one year. Gold Sponsorship is  required to be considered as a FSD cockpit crew member.
 PLATINUM     [Donation of $10000 to $19999]
The Platinum Sponsor demonstrates a true commitment to the preservation of an important part of aviation history. Includes 10 Foundation memberships for one year. Qualified Platinum sponsors will be considered for positions as Foundation officers in the role of PIC. 
EXECUTIVE PLATINUM     [Donation of $20000 or more]
The Executive Platinum Sponsors show that they are willing to support the Flagship Detroit Foundation principles at the highest level. Includes 15 Foundation memberships for one year and a dedicated heritage event/aircraft ride.

(All donations, in any amount, are gladly accepted. Please send checks  to:
Flagship Detroit, 185 Briarpatch Road, Covington GA 30014
For Credit Card transactions please call Sheryl Christian with your card information
The Flagship Detroit Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible non-profit))
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Thank You, Kelly Manufacturing - our latest Flagship Detroit Supporter,
Your Flagship Detroit crew would like to thank you for the generous donation of the new R.C. Allen attitude indicator for our historic aircraft’s instrument panel.
With our sincere appreciation,
Your Flagship Detroit Board of Directors
Zane Lemon  George Dennis  David Gorrell   Dave Buffington  Tom Taff  Jim Gentry

Contact Zane Lemon  (940-391-2266) or George Dennis (931-224-5280) to discuss ways to help the Flagship Detroit
Does Your 

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