For further information on the Foundation contact:
    AA Capt. (Ret) Zane Lemon
    AA Capt. (Ret) Rick Owens
       AA Capt.(Ret) George Dennis
    AA Capt.(Ret.) Dave Gorrell
     AA Capt.(Ret.) Dave Buffington                                              
          AA Capt.(Ret.) Jim Skelly 
    AA Capt.(Ret.) Tony DeSantis

The Flagship Detroit Foundation is a group of dedicated men and women who have the desire to make the personal and financial commitment to promote awareness of a most significant aircraft in the American Airlines history.

Continuing the restoration and maintenance of the Flagship Detroit DC-3 is the primary goal of the Foundation. We intend to preserve and showcase Detroit as a flying tribute to all aviation history fans and to the employees of American Airlines.

Foundation donations may be sent to:
Flagship Detroit Foundation
185 Briarpatch Road     Covington GA 30014
For Foundation membership enquiries email us at:
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