For further information on the Foundation contact:
    AA Capt. (Ret) Rick Owens
       AA Capt.(Ret) George Dennis
    AA Capt.(Ret.) Dave Gorrell
     AA Capt.(Ret.) Dave Buffington      

        DC-3 Capt. Blake Butler                                        
          AA Capt.(Ret.) Jim Skelly 
    AA Capt.(Ret.) Tony DeSantis

The Flagship Detroit Foundation is a group of dedicated men and women who have the desire to make the personal and financial commitment to promote awareness of a most significant aircraft in the American Airlines history.

Continuing the restoration and maintenance of the Flagship Detroit DC-3 is the primary goal of the Foundation. We intend to preserve and showcase Detroit as a flying tribute to all aviation history fans and to the employees of American Airlines.

Foundation donations may be sent to:
Flagship Detroit Foundation
185 Briarpatch Road     Covington GA 30014
For Foundation membership enquiries email us at:
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